Nozuki Concept art - Godzilla vs KONG concept art

This was the initial concept art sent over for this version of the Nozuki or “Warbat” for #godzillavskong while I was at ASC . These were very quick turnarounds , a day or two for several different versions of the creature.
Originally was a full blown cobra shape on the wings with the idea that they could fold back and create an entirely serpent like silhouette- to fluidly go between slither / flight . We explored the wing shapes and silhouette for a bit after wards - and did several pose / motion studies on this creature that I will hopefully be posting soon . Easily the most exciting project I have had to work on to date , and really excited to be seeing all of the amazing artwork coming out that aided in this awesome film . Shout out to all my dudes who absolutely slayed this movie @jaredkrichevsky @kylebrowndesign @xandersmith_design and once again @adamwingard for making this dream come true for all the kids and adults out there who just want to see a kick ass monster movie ! #nozuki #warbat #conceptart #zbrush #keyshot