Alternate Nozuki - Godzilla vs KONG concept art

This is the first #Nozuki concept art I started working on for #godzillavskong .
We spent quite a bit of time fleshing out different ideas on a “stinger” kind of tail that would have electricity / energy that could be used as an offensive method as well. This was my favorite creature I created for the project and was being developed for quite a while - the original idea was to have just the one nozuki type in the film but after seeing this one they pushed to have this be a male counterpart to the #warbat . The idea behind this one is he could tuck his legs up to slither at great speeds and bust out his appendages to crawl on his giant talons as well as being able to fly . We spent a lot of time on some dynamic poses and studies of the character and it’s really cool see it popping up in some other concept art floating around ! Hoping to post some of the dynamic poses from both of these guys soon !