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Woolly Rhino - ZOO Season 3

Had fun designing and taking this Rhino for the ZOO Tv show Season 3 , a little over 2 years ago.
Was a couple week turnaround from Design to asset - delivered with some initial Look development / Texture work to a 3rd party house for final animation / look / VFX .

Concept in Zbrush
Modeled / Retop in Maya
Texture in Mudbox
Render in Vray

Matt millard woolydemoreel

Concept art for the Woolly Rhino for the TV show ZOO season 3. This was the first bad boy in the season and it was really fun watching him destroy!!

Matt millard rhinoprogress1

An old first pass WIP render of the Rhino in Vray after getting the production model locked in.

Matt millard woolydemoreelproductionmodel

Final Production model delivered for VFX . They ended up taking it a further direction for the show as far as the look of it goes, but it turned out fantastic on screen!