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This started as a personal Lunch Crunch during break at work on friday, Took a few models I had laying around and just Bashed em together with no real intention or end goal...just make a monster!
Ended up doing a really quick garbage keyshot render to solidify some of the forms, and then painted over the entire thing in Photoshop.
Havent painted anything since the beginning of gnomon 3 years ago or so. So it was definitely fun getting back into it. Really fun exercise.

Matt millard wolfpaintedforweb2

Final paint.
Decided to relight the face a little, and render it out a bit. Added teeth. Pushed the fog.

Matt millard liqyufytgrwey

Initial you can see completely rid of the rocks and gave it a new background.

Matt millard wolfjetshotweb

Initial garbage Keyshot render..slapped some sculpts i had laying around together and just gave it a back light . No direction here yet, just going for it!